Gasp lab 2016 GASP 2015:  L-R: Caitlin Gabor, Connor Tremallo, Grayson Almond, Hannah Perkins, Erin Gorishek, Cory Goff, Zach Forsburg, Austin Heitman, Diana Kim, Christian Chavez, Dominique Brasel

Collaborator/Senior Lecture- Gabor/Aspbury = GASP
Dr. Andrea Aspbury

Graduate Students
Diana Kim (PhD)- Social context and hormones in mollies
Zach Forsburg (PhD) – Evaluating anthropogenic stressors on frog populations (Best PhD talk, TSU Biology Colloquium)
Cory Goff (PhD) – Evaluating stable and declining populations of Ornate Chorus frog in Florida
McKenna Bristow (MS) – Use of pheromones in species recognition and mating in mollies

Undergraduate Students
Hannah Perkins (2017-present) – stress and pesticides in tadpoles
Grayson Almond (2017 – present) – kin recognition and pesticides in tadpoles
Connor Tremallo (2015-present) – Ecological light pollution and stress  in mollies
Christian Chavez (2015-present)- Chemical cues and mate choice in mollies (Best Undergraduate Poster, TSU Biology Colloquium)
Dominique Brasel (2015- present) – Ecological light pollution,stress, and sperm production in mollies
Austin Heitmann (2015 – present) – stress and pesticides in tadpoles