GASP 2018Updated 2018 photo: L-R Joey Robicheaux, Arseniy Kolonin, Pilo Calvillo, Caitlin Gabor, Isaac Cantu, McKenna Bristow, Zach Forsburg, Cory Goff, Krystie Miner

IMG_9799GASP 2018: L-R: Hannah Perkins, Joseph Robicheaux, Krystie Miner, Zach Forsburg, Caitlin Gabor (Elek), Austin Heitmann (tall back), Andrea Aspbury (Annika), Mckenna Bristow, Cory Goff, Shante Williams, Arseniy Kolonin. Missing Grayson Almond, Diana Kim, Isaac Cantu and Christian ChaveraGASP LABCollaborator/Senior Lecture- Gabor/Aspbury = GASP
Dr. Andrea Aspbury

Graduate Students
Diana Kim (PhD)- Social context and hormones in mollies
Zach Forsburg (PhD) – Evaluating anthropogenic stressors on frog populations (Best PhD talk, TSU Biology Colloquium)
Cory Goff (PhD) – Evaluating stable and declining populations of Ornate Chorus frog in Florida
McKenna Bristow (MS) – Use of pheromones in species recognition and mating in mollies
Arseniy Kolonin (MS)- The consequences of urbanization on stress and reproductive allotment in fish.
Krystie Miner (MS) – The consequences of light at night on reproduction and stress in Gambusia
Mel Villatoro (MS) – Stress and micriobiome in amphibians

Undergraduate Students
Jessica Randal (2019-present) – TBD
Alex Guzman (2019-present)- TBD
Robert Molino (2019-present) – TBD
Quang Nyugen (2018- present)- TBD
Shante Williams (2017- present)- Chemical cues and mate choice in mollies, Francis Rose Grant
Joey Robicheaux (2018-present) – Stress response and recovery in frogs, Francis Rose Grant
Isaac Cantu (2017-present)- Effects of acute and chronic stress on mate choice in mosquitofish, SURE and SURF grant