Student Support

General Grants
1. Sigma Xi – Sept & March
2. NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
3. NSF Doctoral dissertation Improvement grants
4. Graduate women in Science (GWIS) grants
5. American Association of University Women Dissertation Fellowships
6. Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology
7. American Physiology Society Minority Program (Porter fellowship)
8. L’Oreal USA Fellowships
9. NSF Research Coordination Networks (RCN)
10. Human Frontier Science Program
11. NESCent graduate fellowships
12. American Philosophical Society – Lewis and Clark Grant
13. British Ecological Society
14. Ecolab – apply before October to work on one or more properties
15. National Defense Science and Engineering Fellowship
16. Soros Fellowship for children of immigrants – Nov. 1
17. Theodore Roosevelt Small Grants
16. LGBT undergrad and grad scholarships-June 1

Taxon Base
1. Society for the Study of Amphibians and reptiles
2. ASIH Gaige Fund (herps)
3. ASIH Raney Fund
4. ALA Vern Parrish Award
5. North American Native Fishes Association
6. Texas Herpetological Society grant
7. Herpetologists’ League grant
8. Barton Springs Salamander Conservation fund
9. Texas Parks and Wildlife Conservation fund
10. Leapfrog Conservation fund

Ecology & Evolution
1. EPA STAR fellowship
2. Animal Behavior Society
3. American Museum of Natural History
4. Society for the Study of Evolution

1. Texas Academy of Sciences– you must attend the annual meeting too
2. SWAN McCarley Award
3. Texas Fisheries Grant
4. Women in Science (WISE)

Links from the Biology Department website

Internal Graduate fellowships, scholarships and funding (some undergrad)

    1. University Scholarships – mostly due in the Spring (expect to have pubs and in house service to get these)
    2. Graduate College Scholarship and Celebrity Classic (best overall grad student)
    3. Dissertation & Thesis proposal funding ($5K)– fall & spring after proposal is submitted
  1. Durrenberger scholarship (women in science)
  2. Coker Scholarship (ask for no more than $1400)
  3. Denison-Coker scholarship
  4. College of Science and Engineering scholarships
  5. Texas State Graduate Merit Fellowship for potential MS students
  6. Texas State Doctoral Merit Fellowship for PhD students entering in the fall
  7. Graduate thesis and dissertation research support fellowships
  8. Celebrity Classic from Graduate College

Undergraduate Funding

  1. CUR undergrad travel fellowships
  2. HSI STEM Impact program- SURE
  3. TSU Undergraduate funding for conferences monthly through April -Rising STAR travel grant
  4. TSU undergrad research – URF
  5. Doris Duke Conservation Scholarships
  6. Research education for Undergrads – NSF REU

Hispanic Fellowship
1. Hispanic fellowships for college and beyond
2. Star scholarship fund


1. Darwin Fellowships– UMass
2. Huxley Fellowship – Rice University
3. SPIRE Fellowship – UNC
4. NESCent postdoctoral fellow
5. Omidyar Fellowship– Santa Fe Institute
6. Grand Challenges in Biology – University of Minnesota
7. Fulbright fellowships – grad and postdoc
8. Florida State University diversity postdoc

Job Searches and interviews

1. Physiological Ecology website – great resource for all levels of grad and job opportunities
2. Joan Strassmann’s suggestions on getting an academic job

Travel funding

1. Hungarian Scholarships for students through faculty
2. NSF East Asia and Pacific summer institutes for US Grad students (EAPSI)3. International research fellowships from NSF