Study Systems

Unisexual-Bisexual Mating System (Poecilia formosa-P. mexicana-P. latipinna)
We study the maintenance of the all female species, the Amazon molly.  We focus on male species recognition mechanisms from ultimate and proximate perspectives.

The header shows the two parental species of Amazon mollies and an Amazon molly in the center (rt side)
amazondistDistribution of mollies

M&FpmexMale Atlantic molly mating with a female Atlantic molly (lft) and female sailfin molly Female sailfin molly(rt)




A short article about the conservation related research we are doing in the Conservation Behavioristpdf

Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 10.38.39 AM
short video of a male sailfin molly mating with a female sailfin molly while an Amazon and a competitor male watches




San Marcos Salamander (Eurycea nana) Enana
We study the effects of introduced predators on the San Marcos salamander and Barton springs salamanders (E. sosorum).
Read more on The Conservation Behaviorist 2013 p. 2-3.


Experimental set-up for chemical cue experiments with E. nana and E. sosorum




Fountain Darters
(Etheostoma fonticola)

We also look at predator-prey relationships and the effects of turbidity on behavior in fountain darters



Midwife toads (Alytes obstetricans)

We have developed a method to obtain water-borne hormones from frogs, tadpoles and salamandersIMG_0989. Read more on Froglog 106: 84




Collecting water-borne hormones from A. obstetrican tadpoles in Spain