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Conservation physiology and behavioral ecology of Gambusia

Gambusia geiseriTeaching/Research Assistantship for M. S.

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Applications are being sought from students with grit and optimism that wish to pursue a Masters degree in Population and Conservation Biology. Students should also have both curiosity and zest about explore how land use conversion affects the physiological health and behavior of mosquitofish, Gambusia affinis starting spring 2018 or fall 2019. During the fall and spring we can offer an Instructional Assistant (teaching labs) for the length of your degree. For the first summer we may be able to offer 3 months summer pay and research funding. See for details about our lab, papers and our research interests.

Many anthropogenic factors associated with land conversion, such as chemical contaminants and introduced pathogens, can function as stressors by elevating or dysregulating “stress hormones” in vertebrates. Landscape-linked stressors affect the endocrine systems, behavior and life history traits of aquatic organisms. This research would likely consist of lab and field studies plus.  We are looking for a student who is interested in collecting fish and hormones from the field and in running enzyme immuno-assays in the lab plus behavioral studies – with training of course.

The Department of Biology offers a strong environment for training students in conservation and evolutionary ecology. The Masters program in Population and Conservation Biology would be the best fit for such an applicant. For program information see

Interested students should send an email with a statement of interest that includes a additional topics you might be interested in working on in our lab and your long term goals/interests. Please include a copy of your CV, relevant coursework, GRE, and any other relevant experience to Caitlin Gabor by email (gabor at Reference letters for top candidates will be solicited at a later date. Applications will be reviewed as they come in. Applications to our Masters program are evaluated on a rolling basis so it is possible to start spring 2018. But please note – Texas State Universities can not offer tuition wavers and tuition is $7K in state. TA pays about $12K and summer may be only $4K.  Keep this in mind if you choose to apply.