GASP 2019GASP 2019 (summer)- L-R-Zach Forsburg, Mel Villatoro, Krystie Miner, ARseniy Kolonin, Robert Molina, Alex Guzman, Andrea Aspbury, Caitlin Gabor

GASP LABCollaborator/Senior Lecture- Gabor/Aspbury = GASP
Dr. Andrea Aspbury

Graduate Students

Zach Forsburg (PhD) – Evaluating anthropogenic stressors on frog populations (Best PhD talk, TSU Biology Colloquium)
Cory Goff (PhD) – Evaluating stable and declining populations of Ornate Chorus frog in Florida
McKenna Bristow (MS) – Use of pheromones in species recognition and mating in mollies
Arseniy Kolonin (MS)- The consequences of urbanization on stress and reproductive allotment in fish.
Krystie Miner (MS) – The consequences of light at night on reproduction and stress in Gambusia
Mel Villatoro (MS) – Stress and micriobiome in amphibians
Dillon Monroe (PhD)
Amanda Bryant (PhD)

Undergraduate Students
Jessica Randal (2019-present) – TBD
Alex Guzman (2019-present)- TBD
Robert Molino (2019-present) – TBD