Previous Students

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Kristen Epp, Richard Dawkins, Donelle Robinson, Caitlin Gabor (lft-rt)GaborAlbericibus
Laura Alberici da Barbiano & Caitlin Gabor (on left portion)

Prior Grad student and outcomes

  • Dr. Diana Kim -An Integrative approach to the ecology and evolutio of alternative reproductive tactics in male sailfin mollies Poecilia latipinna
  • Dr. Chelsea Blake (PhD)- RiverWatch Biologist at National Great Rivers Research and Education Center
  • Megan Mondelli (MS)-left science
  • Kristina Zabierek (MS)- Research technician and High school teacher
  • Sophia DeColo/Snell (MS) – Sea World – Beluga trainer
  • Dr. Laura Alberici da Barbiano (PhD and Postdoc & MEd) – High school AP Biology teacher
  • Dr. Drew Davis (MS)-  PhD, Univ. of South Dakota, Now Associate Research Scientist, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
  • Dr. Kristen Epp (PhD)- Associate Professor Eastern Connecticut State University
  • Jim Muraco (MS)- High School AP biology teacher
  • Lily Swanbrow-Becker (MS)- Science coordinator at FSU’s Florida center for research-STEM
  • Jacqueline Ma (MS)- left science
  • Dr. Donelle Robinson,(MS)- PhD, Ohio University – City of Austin Watershed Protection for Barton Springs Salamanders
  • Celeste Espinedo, (MS)-Veterinary Assistant
  • Rosie Gonzalez,(MS) – Physician Assistant
  • Dr. Jenny Gumm (MS)- PhD, Lehigh University now USFW head of Devil’s minnow research center
  • Dr. Maria Thaker (MS)-PhD, Indiana State University now Assistant Professor at the Center for Ecological Sciences at the Indian Institute of Science

Prior Undergrad student and outcomes
Shante Williams (2017- present)- Chemical cues and mate choice in mollies, Francis Rose Grant
Joey Robicheaux (2018-present) – Stress response and recovery in frogs, Francis Rose Grant
Isaac Cantu 2018- consequences of predation stressors on mating behavior, SURE and SURF grant
Hannah Perkins 2017-2019 – stress and pesticides in tadpoles, SURE and SURF grant
Grayson Almond 2017 – 2019 – Effects of housing on stress in frogs, SURF grant
Pilo Cavillo 2018 – Reproductive allotment across populations of fish, SURE scholarship
Austin Heitmann -2015- 2018, STAR grant and Honors thesis
Christian Chavera -2015- 2018, SURF, Best Undergraduate Poster Biology Colloquium
Armando Toral – 2016 – 2017, SURF
Dominique Brasel – 2016 – 2017, SURF. Texas A & M vet school
Jose Reyes – 2013- 2017, Animal Behavior Society Turner Award, Best Honors Undergraduate poster, Best Undergraduate talk Biology Colloquium, Francis Rose, REU stipend, SURF award, Best poster presentation in Physiology, Biomedical Research Conference for Minorities, TSU undergraduate representative at Texas Capitol Undergraduate Research Day. Attends Johns Hopkins Medical School
Connor Tremallo – 2015 – 2017, SURF
Erin Gorishek – 2016 – 2017, SURF, High school teacher
Collin Garoutte – 2014- 2015, Francis Rose Award, REU stipend, SURF award
Josue Gold – 2013
Amelia Stinson – 2013, Francis Rose
Jessica Guenther- 2012 – 2014, SURF
Michael Edwards – 2012- 2013, Francis Rose Award for Excellence
Kristyn Cunningham – 2012-present- Francis Rose Award for Excellence
Cory Scanes – 2012- 2013 – got MS in Aquatic Biology
Katherine Pena -2011-2013, REU stipend
Reginald Robinson-2011
Pablo Gonzalez – 2011, Dominic DeSantis – 2010- 2013; GRFP, Francis Rose Award for Excellence, SURF, TAS, Turner Award from Animal Behavior Society, Texas Herpetology society
Bei Devolld – 2010 – 2011 (Francis Rose Award for Excellence), Adam Contreras – 2010- 2011(Francis Rose Award for Excellence, Animal Behavior Society Turner Award; REU stipend, 3rd place Honors Poster session),
Lorena Rangel 2009-2010 (Francis Rose Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research, Animal Behavior Society Turner Award),
Mark Vanderslice 2008,
Nick Bertrand 2008,
Julia Coyle 2007-2008 – (Francis Rose Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research), Michelle Parmley 2007-2009 – (Francis Rose Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research, Durrenberger Scholarship for Women in Science, Turner Award to present at Animal Behavior Society),
Tamira Konkin-Garcia 2007 (Francis Rose Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research, Durrenberger Scholarship for Women in Science, Runner up Mitte Honors Poster Presentation),
Holly Brewer 2006,
Celeste Espinedo (Turner Travel Award for Minorities to present at ABS conference 2005; Durrenberger Scholarship for a Women Undergraduate in College of Science. 2006 Outstanding undergraduate presentation TSU Department of Biology Colloquium, REU stipend),
Rosie Gonzalez 2005, Ray Gonzales 2005-2006, Paul Phillips IV 2004, Tami Tarbox 2003, Andrew Dullnig 2003 – Dentist school,
Rebecca Fields 2003-2004, Vet School,
Danielle King  –Turner Travel Award for Minorities to present at ABS conference 2003, Field Biology Award, and Smith-Wilms Biology Scholarship from TSU,
Carlene Worthington 2001

Previous Summer Colleagues  (High school teachers)

    • Marty Wise and Matt Holmes
      – Behavior of sailfin and Amazon mollies in their natural environment.